About CVRA

The Catherington Village Residents’ Association (CVRA) was formed in January 2002 as a means of safeguarding the interests of local Residents. CVRA provides a channel of communication and a means of co-operating with appropriate Local Authorities. These include Horndean Parish Council (HPC), East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) at Petersfield and the Hampshire County Council (HCC) at Winchester. Over the successive years it has earned the respect of all three Councils.

The CVRA area at its time of formation broadly included the Catherington Ward Boundary of HPC and has remained along this line. However, residents living outside this Ward Boundary have, at the discretion of the Committee, been admitted as Associate Members.

Full meetings are usually held twice a year – an AGM in the autumn and a social meeting in the summer. A Committee consisting of a Chairman and an Honorary Treasurer together with about 6 Members representing the CVRA Area is elected at the AGM. A Guest Speaker is usually invited to the AGM and refreshments are provided.

At its start, the CVRA was concerned with preservation of the local countryside, to offer constructive comment upon the Local Plan and general Planning matters and to seek a reduction in the speed of local traffic. These concerns remain just as valid today.


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