AQUIND Interconnector

AQUIND Interconnector Project
AQUIND submitted their application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to the Planning Inspectorate on 14thNovember 2019. The process is said to take 18 months so decision should be published Summer 2021. If you wish to register as an interested party you can do so by entering your details and concerns at the website below:
The register closes on 19thFebruary 2020.
Report by Jeremy Warren on a meeting with Flick Drummond MP on Friday 21st February.
There was a presentation covering the following issues which were discussed:-



      Distance 245 Kms from Normandy to Lovedean.

      (French have not yet agreed to the project.) Will Brexit have an impact?

      Cost #1.24 Billion, Aquind confident they will get it. 

      Ukranian Alexander Temerko has direct links to AQUIND and allegedly as well as Russian State security.  He is a major Tory Party donor.

      Aquind gone off-shore?  To Luxemburg?  Originally a promise of repaying tax into communities.

      1st spade in the ground mid 2021.  Completion in 2023.


The Story so far

      All started in 2014 and in Jan 2018 with public consultation.

      July 18 Secretary of State declared Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) ie his decision.

      Statutory consultation followed in preparation for Development Consent Order (DCO) submission in November (all part of the application process).

      DCO accepted Dec 19

      Interested parties submitted registration by 19 Feb 20

      Spring 2020 to Autumn 2020 Examination of DCO

      Early 2021 Secretary of State to make final decision on the DCO application

      2021 if approved, work begins

     What are the implications of BREXIT?


The Cable Route

      Cable length Eastney to Lovedean approx 12 miles

      Significant opposition from the local councils along the entire route.

      Noise and nuisance/disruption during construction.  Imagine traffic chaos.

      2 pairs of DC cables and 1 fibre optic cable.

      Final route still to be agreed.

      What is Aquind putting back into the community?  No evidence of anything so far!

Substation area

      Selection of route


      Contractors vehicles ie traffic management. Many roads unsuitable for HGV

      Covering 9 football pitches and 7 stories high.

      We have not seen a finished Design.

      Noise during construction and when operational . Cumulative with existing sub-station.

      Landscaping.  To start straight away.

      Security 24 hours?  Significant target?

      Health hazards.


Day Lane/Broadway Lane Junction (the realignment of the corner to allow access for the heavy construction traffic to the site road)


      It looks like a botched plan (below).