Catherington Greening

Catherington Greening

Greening logoCatherington Greening was established in 2009 with the aim of raising awareness on greening issues in the local area and to reduce the CO2 footprint of the village.

Saving is a key word for the group:-

Saving valuable resources

Saving polluting emissions

Saving energy

Saving the environment and the future of the world

Saving money – a useful by product of the above!


Some savings can be made by insulating homes, using more efficient appliances and lighting, conserving energy, water and fuel.


To encourage and inform residents the small committee organise several meetings and activities each year. Past events included swap shop –a method of recycling unwanted items and gaining useful ones, much better than just scrapping them. Visits have included the Sustainability Centre and Veolia recycling facility. Talks and video presentations also feature in creating awareness of the environmental issues and attempting to gently persuade residents to play a part in reducing CO2 emissions.


Details of events are often given in the Village Newsletters or for more information please contact the secretary of Catherington Greening