Choosing a broadband provider

Which Internet Service Provider & Email provider to choose for your new broadband service?

The first thing you should do is to check that you can get FTTC fibre broadband here.

If the answer is “not yet” keep trying, as both Catherington cabinets should be accepting orders soon.
If the answer is yes don’t select any of those offered – yet.

I suggest that you now need to read this guide to switching ISPs. Then you can think about which ISPs might be right for you.

Use the internet to research, and read reviews.  I favour as a source of reliable information & reviews.
This table, from their website compares  Andrews & Arnold, BT, IDNet, PlusNet, TalkTalk & Zen Internet.  Of these five I would not consider TalkTalk or BT, only A&A, IDNet & Zen, although my current ISP Timicio have always looked after me, and are still in the running.
Look at least one other comparison website maybe:

Before signing up with a new ISP you should:

1. Contact your existing ISP, particularly if you’re still under contract, before you start the process of signing up with a new ISP in order to check what, if any, leaving or exit fees might apply if you choose to leave.

2. If it is important to you, ensure that you can retain your existing telephone number when you transfer.

3. If your email is hosted by your ISP, ( et al) then decide what you will do about an email address, and if it is going to change  how you will handle that change. You could simply open a new, non-ISP related email account with another provider such as: Google – Gmail Microsoft – Outlook.Com which both offer a free email service.  But remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In the alternative you might consider a paid for email service such as:  or all of which I use personally & can recommend.  I have listed them in my order of preference, for what it’s worth. Finally, and this is important, before starting any move read, understand & follow this guide.

I hope this is helpful
Nigel J S Steward Chairman – Catherington Village Residents’ Association